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Take Aim: Use your dominant eye to be a better athlete

From golfers to archers, all athletes must have good vision to improve. But how can athletes use their dominant eye to play their best?

Metro Eye Optometrist Dr. Kaelyn Zaporski shares her expertise.

• Why do you have a dominant eye? Eye dominance is usually related to brain development. In general terms, there are a certain amount of “connections” that go between the brain and each eye. Usually, the dominant eye will have more of these connections than the other eye, which is why it is preferred. Eye dominance can also be very similar to handedness. However, it does not always correspond directly. For example, those that are right handed may not be right-eye dominant. This is called cross-dominance and can be advantageous to those who participate in side stance sports such as baseball and golf.

• How can you tell which eye is dominant? Are you left eye dominant or right eye dominant? Here’s how to tell: With both eyes open, pick a small target in the distance. Bring your hands in front of you and overlap them, forming a small triangle with your thumbs at the base. Line the triangle up so that the distance target is in the center of the triangle. Now, keeping your hands and arms still, close your left eye first, then switch and close your right. Whichever eye allows you to still see the target is your dominant eye.

• How should you use your dominant eye? Your dominant eye is very useful when it comes to sports that require aim. These sports include shooting, archery, baseball and others. Lining up your dominant eye with your target usually produces better accuracy.

• How does Metro Eye help athletes with their vision? Metro Eye helps athletes with their vision by paying careful attention to giving them the best correction possible. Metro Eye works hard to provide patients with the best quality ophthalmic lenses, frame selection, and most appropriate contact lenses that help athletes achieve their best vision. Ensuring your dominant eye is optimally corrected, especially when related to mono-vision or multi-focal contact lens wear, helps athletes make sure their vision is optimal for competition.

Dr. Kaelyn Zaporski is a licensed optometrist, and Metro Eye’s sports vision specialist. A former college volleyball player at UW-Green Bay, Dr. Zaporski shares her expertise at Milwaukee’s leading eye care office and eyewear retailer. Set up an appointment with her by calling (414) 727-5888.


What is a Trunk Show?

For years, Trunk Shows were reserved for Rodeo Drive. These small, intimate fashion events were used as personal fittings for top clients. Now, we’re pulling back the curtain, and bringing a little “Beverly Hills style” to Water Street at Metro Eye’s April 12 Trunk Show.

No, you won’t find Julia Roberts at our Trunk Show. You will, however, see an unmatched selection of 2013’s most stylish and innovative men’s and women’s eyewear including SALT Optics, Bevel, l.a. Eyeworks and FICTION by l.a. Eyeworks.

While we always have some of each of brand’s collection on hand, our Trunk Shows allow you to see the entire collection, in every customizable style and color at once.

There’s no purchase necessary to attend on April 12, but if you do decide to go with a new pair of hand-crafted, small-batch eyewear or sunwear, you can receive 20% the day of the show just by calling 414-727-5888 and making an appointment!

Now you know — see you at the Trunk Show!

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Instagrammed: NYC to MKE!

We had a great time shopping at the International Vision Expo in NYC!

Taking a cue from your Facebook “votes,” we shopped for the styles from a number of new designers, including Etnia Barcelona, Moscot, and sought out the latest trends including oval lenses (very popular!) and pastels (very cool!).

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Check out some of the latest styles from SALT Optics, Bevel, L.A. Eyeworks and FICTION by L.A. Eyeworks at our April 12 Trunk Show! Call 414-727-5888 to make a fitting appointment and receive 20% off the day of the show!



The Plunge: 4 Reasons to Try Progressive Lenses

Seeing is believing.
However, common patient misconceptions can prevent them from taking the plunge into progressive lenses, also known as “no-line bifocals.” As Milwaukee’s leading optometrists, we often hear a patient say their friends told them progressive lenses are difficult to get used to, so they avoid taking the plunge.  

This does not have to be the case if they are fit properly. The four EQUALLY important things to a proper progressive lens fit are:

1. A good prescription, which is the doctor’s responsibility. Metro Eye Drs. Amy Jankowski and Kaelyn Zaporski are Milwaukee’s hard-to-fit specialists with decades of experience correctly diagnosing and helping their patients in the Milwaukee Metro.
2. A properly fitting frame, which is the optician’s responsibility. You’ve heard the saying that everyone is as unique as a snowflake. Well, that’s cute … and true. Every patient has different features, visual needs and therefore it’s important to have a well-trained optical stylist to fit you for eyewear.

3. Choosing the best type of progressive lenses. Believe it or not there are many different designs and materials to choose from when it comes to your lenses. Choosing the right lens should be based on your lifestyle and your visual needs. Not all lenses are created equal, especially when it comes to progressives. Metro Eye’s optical stylists are here to help you select the best lens for you.

4. Lens placement in frame. This is the lab’s responsibility. We can’t stress enough the importance of using a high-quality lab. Metro Eye can proudly say that we have a lab that we can trust to stand behind their lenses.
When you opt for “2 for $99″ shops, you may be compromising your vision. Getting your glasses in an hour, or sent in the mail may seem quick and easy, but the clearest most comfortable vision comes with a dedicated team of professionals.

1-Day ACUVUE TruEye: The Perfect Contact Lens



Contact lens wearers want their contacts to feel like they’re not wearing any. At Metro Eye, our goal is to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible in their eyewear, whether that be glasses or contacts. 

 If you’ve been stuck wearing glasses because contacts are too uncomfortable, we have a new brand that will feel like nothing you’ve tried before.

“I like 1-Day ACUVUE TruEye because of their UV protection, amazing comfort, and most importantly, the high oxygen transmissibility that allows the eye to remain healthy even after long hours of contact lens wear,” says Metro Eye owner Dr. Amy Jankowski.


Here are our Top 5 Reasons to choose Acuvue 1-Day TruEye

 1.) It’s an innovative daily disposable content lens made with a super-breathable silicone hydrogel material, making as close to the natural state of the eye as any contact lens on the market. 

 2.) They offer the highest UV protection of other contact lens, blocking 96 percent of UV-A and 99 percent of UV-B radiation.

3.) Keeps you’re eye whiter and brighter, no more red, dry eyes.

4.) Feel like you’re not even wearing any contacts.

5.) You don’t have to worry about glasses marks on your nose, your glasses breaking, or your frames going out of style. 


Our price for ACUVUE 1-Day TruEye

$39/30-day pack

$80/90-day pack

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