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See ME. See Metro Eye at our Fall Trunk Show.

Do you ever wish you could talk one-on-one with a leading fashion EXPERT on a specific designer brand, while viewing the latest seasonal trends and styles? On Friday, November 7th, you can!

Fall Trunk Show 2014

Visit Metro Eye’s 2014 Fall Trunk Show for the chance to privately view and discuss your favorite designer eyewear with some of the country’s leading reps, like Joe D’Orazio from SALT., or the amazing Marlies Ganellen with l.a. Eyeworks and Fiction by l.a. Eyeworks. NW77th’s star rep Misty Tusing will be here, along with Jarvis Sanders from Maui Jim and John Guca representing Etnia Barcelona. All here in Milwaukee, all here at Metro Eye!

Receive $100 off each pair of glasses purchased at the Trunk Show by calling (414) 727-5888 before November 7th to reserve an appointment with an optical stylist. Or why not schedule your annual eye exam with Dr. Amy Jankowski or Dr. Kaelyn Zaporski. Walk-ins are also welcome! 

See you at the Trunk Show!

Night Vision with Digitally Surfaced Lenses

Progressive Lenses

Remember the first time you watched a high-definition movie? The color and the clarity made it hard to watch anything in standard-definition ever again! Now, imagine experiencing that feeling all the time! That’s what it’s like when you switch to high-definition eyeglass lenses.

Not only do HD lenses correct your everyday vision problems (nearsightedness, farsightedness, etc.), they also make it possible to see sharply no matter the lighting conditions.

One of the reasons that HD lenses are so effective is the customizable prescription itself, which is optimized using incredibly accurate high-tech equipment to provide the best possible vision clarity. And the customization doesn’t stop there! These meticulous machines also take into consideration the shape of a person’s face and the angle created between the pupil of the eye and the lens depending on the direction the wearer is looking.

Altogether, the result not only makes everyday vision clearer, these extraordinary lenses also make nighttime vision much sharper and reduce glare. As the days are getting shorter again, and more and more of us are driving in the dark, new technologies like this are a fantastic way to keep us all safer, and help us enjoy the things around us even more!

One of our FAVORITE companies for digitally surfaced lenses is Hoya Vision. Visit their website to learn more, or stop by Metro Eye to talk about these cutting edge technologies and get fitted for a pair of your own. 

10 CRAZY Eye Facts!

Eye Close Up

  1. There are only two species that look for visual cues from another individual’s eyes… humans and dogs! However, dogs don’t do this with other dogs, but rather only when interacting with humans. 
  2. When you are looking at someone you love, your pupils increase in size as much as 45%.
  3. Our eyes can differentiate between 500 (not 50) shades of grey.
  4. Out of ALL of the muscles your body has, those that control your eyes are the most active.
  5. Tears don’t evaporate. That’s because there is much more to them than just water. 
  6. The human eye cannot move in a smooth motion unless it’s tracking a moving object.
  7. Fingerprints have 40 unique characteristics. The eye’s iris has 256. It’s easy to see why retina scans are being used much more frequently these days as a security measure.
  8. People read about 25% slower off a computer screen than off paper. 
  9. An eyelash has a lifespan of approximately 5 months.
  10. When an image is sent to your brain, it is sent backwards AND upside down.

Fall is here! (With its pesky allergies…)

For some people it seems as if every season is allergy season. For others, every year comes with one season your sinuses dread! Many people seem to encounter this problem when Autumn rolls around. Despite how beautiful the trees are, and the fact that you’re able to pull out your favorite fall clothes again, it’s hard to enjoy things when you’re constantly sneezing and your eyes feel like faucets.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 10.16.21 AM

While visiting an eye doctor might not help cure all of your allergy ailments, it can help combat those pesky dry or watering eyes. If you’re sick of spending fall in a blur, it’s time to make a change so you can finally appreciate Milwaukee’s beauty in the fall! Request an appointment here:

Metro Eye’s Top 5 Eye Care Articles of 2014 (… so far!)

technologyWe know you see a LOT of news and information all over the place every day of your life. In an effort to filter out some of the more important information regarding your eye care, we’ve gathered a list of some of our favorite eye care articles that have been published so far in 2014…

  1. “Could ODs become a key to diagnosing ADHD?” (American Optometric Association)
  2. “Seven Sight Saving Habits For Older Adults to Help Maintain Independence” (Eye Smart)
  3. “Like a bad habit: Patients’ 6 common contact lens mistakes” (American Optometric Association)
  4. “Scientists use video games for ‘lazy eye’ treatment” (Glasgow Evening Times)
  5. “Eye implant developed at Stanford could lead to better glaucoma treatments” (Stanford News)

Which story is most relevant to you? What other eye health news has stood out to you in 2014?