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You’re Invited… to Schedule an Eye Exam!


Who? Anyone with eyes, aged 6 months and up.

What? Regularly have your eyes screened by a licensed optometrist.

Where? Metro Eye is located in Milwaukee’s beautiful Historic Third Ward. Our friendly and expert staff provide comprehensive eye exams, and will help you pick out the perfect pair of glasses for your lifestyle.

When? The American Optometric Association recommends eye exams at 6 months old, 3 years old, and every 2 years from the age of 6 to 60 unless otherwise recommended. Beginning at age 61, eye exams should occur at least once a year.

Why? In order to preserve vision and eye health, and to prevent degenerative eye diseases like glaucoma and cataracts.

How? Schedule an appointment today by calling (414) 727-5888, request an appoint online by clicking here or stop into our NEW location to say hello at 325 E. Chicago St., Milwaukee. 

What Happens In Vegas… Comes to Metro Eye!

This past weekend Lu once again hit up the Las Vegas strip for a few fun-filled days of everything eyewear at the 2014 Vision Expo West.

Bevel, SALT., Anne Et Valentine, Bellinger, l.a.Eyeworks, Zyl, Lindberg- all of the top designers and eyewear specialists from around the world descended on Vegas last week, and Lu kept Metro Eye and Milwaukee at the forefront of it all!

LuAnne took a short break from the 2014 Vision Expo West to give us some insight saying, “We wear mostly black as our uniform in 2014. 2015 brings color to the face!” Here’s a sneak peak of all the best sights…

Las Vegas Sunrise


Anne et ValentineNew color added - Color U 2014 (the frame in the front). Inspired by the musical treble clef!

Timeless! Bellinger

Zyl Framesl.a.Eyeworks

Arriving SOON at Metro Eye!It's all about color! Lots of color!

Las Vegas


Happy Grandparents Day!

Whether you love your grandparents or are a grandparent yourself, it is important to pay attention to your vision as you age. You remember to take yourvitamins, or to get your blood pressure checked, but many people overlook their eyes (ironic!). For many age related eye problems and diseases early intervention is essential to prevent vision loss or blindness. It’s never too early for an eye exam.

In order to help you determine if there is something wrong with your eyes, here’s a cheat sheet of common age related eye problems and their symptoms:

  1. GrandparentsPresbyopia – This makes focusing on close up words or objects more difficult, generally striking after the age of 40. Presbyopia will worsen gradually as you get older.
  2. Cataracts – A cloudy area covers at least part of the lens inside the eye. This can cause blind spots in your vision. Basically, it’s like having a dirty camera lens, except you’ll need surgery rather than a lens cloth to remove it.
  3. Macular degeneration – This is a deterioration of part of the retina called the macula. This part of the eye is in charge of your central vision (the sharpest part of your vision directly in front of you) and causes blind spots.
  4. Glaucoma – This occurs when the fluid pressure in the eye is too high. If not treated early enough, this can lead to permanent blindness, or severe vision loss. Most people who have glaucoma have NO pain or early symptoms, meaning early intervention generally occurs only if a person has regular eye exams.
  5. Diabetic retinopathy – Diabetes is the primary cause of loss of sight among Americans older than 65, often causing severe damage to the retina. To make matters worse, it’s believed that up to 30% of people living with diabetes are undiagnosed.

Other common ocular problems that come as you get older include dry eyes, tearing up and floaters in your vision. Vision is an important part of life that doesn’t need to be lost. You can’t stop age related vision problems, but eating a healthy diet and having regular eye exams will help you prepare for the future and control your eyesight longer.


Dr. Kaelyn Zaporski is a New Mom & Now Back in Action at Metro Eye

Dr. Zaporski at Metro Eye

Q: When did you first know you wanted to be a Doctor of Optometry?
During my undergrad I made a transition from business to human biology because I realized how fascinated I was with how the body worked. But at that point I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with the degree. At the time I had a friend who worked for an optometrist and she suggested I shadow her. The rest is history!

Q: What do you enjoy most about the profession?
I love growing relationships with patients and helping them with their eye health needs. The field of optometry is so interesting; it’s so much more than a glasses prescription. Advances in technology help me treat diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration. I can take a scan of the optic nerve and pair it with a peripheral vision test in order to determine if a person has glaucoma. There is even a genetic test available now that detects a person’s risk of developing advanced macular degeneration. I enjoy discussing with my patients not only the glasses prescription, but also the ocular health findings, and I think that they appreciate it too.
I also think it is a great field for a woman who wants work and family balance. In my early days in the field I shadowed a few female optometrists who really inspired me, and showed me that this is an excellent field for a woman who wants to have children. It’s a great profession.

Q: Speaking of professional women who want to start a family, how is your new baby?
He is awesome! His name is Liam, and he is 15 weeks old. It has been so much fun watching his awesome personality come out. He’s at that age now where he is able to lie on his belly and hold his head up, and when he does it he looks over at me with a huge smile on his face, kind of like he’s saying, “Mommy, look what I can do!” He has just been so much fun.

Q: What are some similarities between being a new mom and a young optometrist?
You have to be a good listener in order to become the best you can. While I am at work I listen to what my patients have to say and continue to grow as an optometrist every day, and the same happens at home. I listen to the difference in Liam’s cries and coos in order to figure out what he needs, what he likes, what he doesn’t like, and I learn as I go becoming a better mom.

Q: What’s one serious eye issue that people don’t take seriously enough?
I would say people often do not take contact lens hygiene and care seriously enough. There are some that are very casual about leaving contacts in too long, sleeping in them, or not replacing their contact solution. This can actually be pretty dangerous, and lead to issues like corneal ulcers.

Q: What’s one eye issue that makes patients especially nervous but is actually a quick fix?
Age related changes in vision. Right around the age of 40 a person’s vision starts to change, which makes a lot of people worry, especially if they have never needed glasses before. Generally the change is a gradual one, and is usually a pretty straight-forward fix with some prescription lenses. I understand that it can be hard though when you’ve never worn glasses before. We are here to help.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working in the Third Ward?
Definitely the people and the vibe! It’s a great atmosphere. My husband also works in the Third Ward, so we love to go to dinner here and check out different events. And the people in this area are fantastic. I have had some patients who live around here who have been so supportive throughout my pregnancy, giving me advice along the way. It’s an amazing part of the city.

Q: What are you looking forward to most at this year’s Fall Trunk Show?
The new space is going to make the trunk show better than ever. Dr. Jankowski has done an outstanding job with the new space, and the staff does a terrific job of putting the show together.

Have you tried Salt.?

Whoever said you can have too much salt clearly wasn’t referring to Salt. Optics.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 3.53.37 PM

Established in 2006, Salt. Optics is “an independent lifestyle company that creates premium handcrafted eyewear for people who like simple things made well.” And that is exactly what Salt. provides to its incredibly dedicated customer base including A-listers like Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Bradley Cooper. Simple Things Made Well. These handcrafted frames are expertly designed not only to make everyday people look incredible, but also to fit into their hectic lifestyles. For those people who are exhausted from the diminishing quality of mass produced eyewear, Salt. is a breath of fresh air that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

For more on Salt. come to our Salt. Optics Trunk Show this Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm!