Virtual Eye Care via Smartphone

The Metro Eye team is committed to the health and well being of our patients and staff. In order to comply with COVID-19 public restrictions in our community, we are offering virtual eye care through EyecareLive!

You can receive expert eye care from Dr. Amy Jankowski, safely from your home via smartphone.

To schedule your virtual eye care visit, simply click the button below to begin. You will receive instructions to:

  • Download the free app
  • Complete the 2-step process

Click to Schedule Care

When to use EyecareLive:

  • Emergency medical eye issues like red eye, pink eye, red eyelid, stye, irritation and injury
  • Vision consultations
  • Send and receive secure messages from Dr. Jankowski
  • Monitor conditions remotely

We will keep you updated as we stay abreast of all COVID-19 related safety developments, and plan to maintain social distancing until we resume full services as directed by our State Health Officials.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, and our limited staff will help you to the best of our ability throughout this global health emergency.

Stay safe and know that we are always here for you!


The Metro Eye Team