Ophthalmic Lenses - Metro Eye Vision Correction Technology


Metro Eye’s optical stylists meticulously ensure that every patient is fit with the perfect ophthalmic lenses for their individual vision prescription and lifestyle.


  • High Index: Much thinner and lighter than most other plastics and glass, high index lenses help you to avoid having thick “soda bottle” lenses.
  • Trivex: Lenses made with Trivex material are ultra-light for ultimate comfort, as this is one of the lightest and most durable lens materials on the planet.


  • Sync: Designed to alleviate eye strain by allowing you to focus in all directions and distances, Sync lenses keep your eyes completely relaxed.
  • Near Variable Focus: An alternative to bifocals or other multifocal lenses, these help to adjust your vision throughout the day and are a great choice for reading or computer use!
  • Progressives: This new generation lens allows a seamless transition between the distance and near vision by incorporating multiple focal distances into one lens. The PAL improves the look and performance of the classic bifocal lens.

Light Protection

  • Photochromics: A very accommodating choice for the outdoor lifestyle, these lenses darken when the wearer goes outside and then become clear when indoors again.
  • Blutech/Blue Zero: Providing UV ray and high-energy blue light protection, these filters give optimum defense against harmful light spectrums.
  • Polarized: Eliminating almost all glare and UV light, polarization reduces eye strain and increases visibility in bright sun conditions.
  • Cosmetic and Specialty Tints: Available in a variety of colors and shades, tints add accent and flair to eyewear.


  • Anti-Reflecting: Reducing glare, reflections and “ghost images,” this coating increases visibility dramatically.
  • Recharge: This coating reduces eye stress by limiting the frequency of light emitted from your mobile devices and computers.
  • Scratch Resistance: A great investment to prevent minor scratches, anti-scratch is a wise addition for any lifestyle.
  • Mirror: Available in a variety of reflective shades and colors, mirror tints add vivid flair to any style.