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Dr. Amy Jankowski
Dr. Amanda Kopczyk


Maintaining your ocular health and vision is an ongoing process. Dr. Amy Jankowski and Dr. Amanda Kopczyk use the latest technology to efficiently compare their findings from each of your annual eye exams. Detecting subtle changes in your visual system and eye health can be the key to finding sight threatening diseases before they progress and result in permanent vision loss.

Complete Eye Health Evaluation

Because the eyes are part of the body, it is important for Dr. Jankowski and Dr. Kopczyk to have full knowledge of your general health, as well as any prescription or over-the-counter medications you are currently taking in order to provide you with the most complete eye health evaluation.

During your exam, Dr. Jankowski and Dr. Kopczyk take the time to address each of your concerns in addition to evaluating your eyes for signs of glaucoma, cataracts, diabetes and many other symptomless ocular diseases.

Precision + Innovation

Through a process of highly efficient and accurate steps, Dr. Jankowski and Dr. Kopczyk use wavefront technology to enhance the accuracy of your refraction and personalize an optimal glasses prescription, to provide you with a high definition correction. Metro Eye’s optometrists examine not only what you see, but how efficiently your eyes work together to see it.

Thorough Treatment Explanation

After completing each eye examination, Dr. Jankowski and Dr. Kopczyk provide all patients, parents or guardians with an explanation of their findings, in addition to their significance and recommended vision correction treatment options.

Time For an Eye Exam When:

  • 6 months old- then at 3 years old, 6 years old and annually every year thereafter
  • Vision changes are observed and/or related concerns arise
  • Eye injuries occur or worsen
  • Alarming symptoms occur- such as red eyes, irritation, pain, discharge, light flashes and/or floaters