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Children’s Eye Care

Did you know? Your child’s first dilated eye exam should be at 6 months of age?

Did you know?  80% of what a child learns is through their vision?

At Metro Eye we offer a variety of eye care and eyewear especially for kids, to make sure they are able to see clearly and live healthy childhoods.


It’s important for a child to have their first eye exam at 6 months of age because a majority of vision problems and eye diseases are treatable and curable, especially if detected early. Metro Eye participates in the InfantSEE program, which is a public health program managed by Optometry Cares – The AOA Foundation. This means Metro Eye provides comprehensive infant eye assessments for children between 6 and 12 months of age for no-cost. Call 414-727-5888 today to learn more about the InfantSEE program and to schedule your child’s first eye exam.


Corneal Reshaping Therapy, also known as CRT, is a non-surgical and reversible process to treat myopia (nearsightedness). CRT can be an ideal vision solution for active children and teens who don’t want to be tied down by glasses or don’t like wearing traditional contact lenses. Dr. Amanda Kopczyk specializes in CRT treatment for both children and adults. Schedule an appointment today to see if you or your child is a candidate for CRT.


At Metro Eye we specialize in custom fit eyewear and prescription lenses for all ages. Stop by today to check out our selection of infant’s and children’s glasses, including frames from miraflex, igreen, Jonas Paul, izipizi and more.