Ring In 2020 With 20/20 Vision

Metroeye New Year

As we reflect on our experiences and accomplishments of 2019, we may also look forward to the new adventures awaiting us in the new year! December’s holiday hustle and bustle can certainly be overwhelming, but remember that you may have insurance benefits that will disappear on January 1st!

Metro Eye’s expert staff is happy to thoroughly analyze, interpret and assist you in maximizing your valuable vision insurance benefits. Vision plan allowances, flexible spending funds and health savings account funds are applicable to numerous eye care products and services available at Metro Eye.

You may be eligible for:

  • An Eye Examination and/or Contact Lens Fitting
  • Eyeglasses and/or Contact Lenses
  • Designer Frames
  • Specialty Lenses and/or Premium Lens Coatings
  • Prescription Sunglasses
  • Protective Eyewear

Whether your family needs to be examined by an optometrist or you are ready for a new eyewear style, Metro Eye’s exceptional eye care team is available to assess and maximize the insurance benefits that you are entitled to. We look forward to helping you celebrate the new year while looking and seeing your best, without any eye health matters on your mind.

Don’t let your insurance benefits and flex dollars go to waste, visit Metro Eye and ring in the year 2020 with 20/20 vision!