Pink Eye? Call Your Eye Doctor

why you should visit your eye doctor for eye problems


So you think you have an eye infection or pink eye. Do you know who to call for help? Call your eye doctor, of course!

Most people don’t know that they can skip the wait to see their primary doctor and forget the hassle of going to an urgent care center to see their optometrist for common eye issues.

More Than Vision Prescriptions

Optometrists do much more than fit contact lenses and correct vision. They specialize in treating many common eye problems like conjunctivitis (pink eye), eye allergies, dry eye, stys, and more. Optometrists also have the ability to prescribe medications, typically medicated eye drops, to help heal your eyes.

Conjunctivitis – Pink Eye

Pink eye is one of the most common eye issues that optometrist treat. Pink eye can come from a bacterial infection, allergic reactions, or viral infection. An optometrist can determine the source of your pink eye and prescribe medications to heal your eyes.

At Metro Eye we have a RPS Adenotector, which can determine if you have a contagious virus – letting you know if you can return back to work or school safely.

So next time you have an eye related problem like pink eye, allergies, dry eye, or stys. Make sure to call us at 414-727-5888 or schedule an appointment online!

Calling an eye doctor for an eye problem – what a concept!