Halloween Makeup Safety Tips

Celebrating Halloween with costume makeup, facial prosthetics or special effects contacts this week? Check out our safety tips below to have fun with festive face adornment without compromising your eye health!

Makeup & Prosthetics

It’s very important to check your makeup ingredients for harmful chemicals! Also, sharing or using old cosmetics adds a huge risk of infection, and much care should be used with applicator devices that could scratch your eye. Skin adhesives and latex are known to potentially cause allergic reactions, so avoid using them to adhere facial prosthetics if you have any sensitivity to these materials!

Safety Tips

  • Wash your hands before applying makeup
  • Ensure all ingredients are safe (https://www.ewg.org/skindeep)
  • Never share makeup!
  • Dispose of old makeup every 3 months
  • Discontinue use immediately if irritation occurs
  • Avoid applying latex, skin adhesives or glitter near your eyes!

Costume Contact Lenses

Many Halloween stores and websites sell special effects contact lenses to dramatically change the color of your eyes. BEWARE! Unregulated (and illegal) lenses usher in a massive number of eye health hazards, ranging from infection to vision loss, and should be strictly avoided! ASK YOUR EYE DOCTOR about safe costume contact lens options, as most eye care practitioners can fit and special order a broad range of interesting products.

Safety Tips

  • Only wear contact lenses prescribed from an eye doctor
  • Wash your hands before inserting contact lenses
  • Rewet only with proper solution, as recommended by your doctor
  • Never share contact lenses!
  • Follow the disposal schedule provided by your doctor

As we all take extra steps to ensure Halloween safety in 2020, please be careful to only select costume elements that are friendly to your precious eyes. If you experience any alarming eye related irritation or injuries this Halloween, please contact us immediately for treatment from our expert eye care team!