Four Reasons to Give the Gift of Sight this Holiday Season

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Started by Dr. Amy Jankowski in 2010, the Gift of Sight program is dedicated to ending unnecessary blindness and helping to provide vision care for the less fortunate. So this holiday season, and any other season, we thank you for your generosity in donating to the Gift of Sight program.

It’s bigger than you think

Over 120 million people in the United States alone are affected by vision and eye health problems each year. Unfortunately, many of those people cannot afford proper eye care services that they desperately need.

Even the most basic eye care is often left to vision or medical insurance plans. In many cases, necessary eye procedures and glasses are also at the mercy of insurance. Many people without insurance or inadequate insurance simply go without proper eye care.

Right here in Milwaukee

The Gift of Sight program looks to give back to anyone that is in need, starting here in Milwaukee. The program does not simply ship glasses overseas. We’re aiming to help those in our own community get the vision care they deserve. If you know somebody in need, bring it to our attention and we will try to help.

Complete eye care

We know vision care is not one-size-fits-all. The Gift of Sight programs provides services needed such as, eye exams, essential eye health procedures, and corrective eyewear and lenses. It’s real, honest to goodness, eye care.

Vision loss is preventable

A vast majority of vision loss worldwide can be prevented with the proper eye care. Donations not only provide immediate relief to those in need, but it will be able to catch eye health issues before they lead to blindness.

Learn more and donate online to the Gift of Sight.