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Contact Lens Fitting & Exam

Contact Lens Fitting & Exam

The contact lens industry is constantly evolving. We are proud to provide a full range of the newest contact lenses, services and solutions. Dr. Jankowski and Dr. Zaporski are dedicated to keeping up with the latest technological advances so they can fit even those hard-to-fit patients.

When you are buying contact lenses, please remember that you are not just purchasing the contacts—you are buying the competency and experience of the doctor who has prescribed them for you. Dr. Jankowski and Dr. Zaporski are committed to working closely with patients to find the contact lens which best suits their visual & lifestyle needs.

Dr. Jankowski and Dr. Zaporski specialize in hard-to-fit contact lens patients. So that they can provide each of their patients with the most ideal contact lens result; Metro Eye carries a variety of lenses. When you are fit with contact lenses by Dr. Jankowski and Dr. Zaporski you will have access to a wide selection of soft lenses for conventional, disposable or extended wear, as well as Gas Permeable (rigid) lenses and specialty lenses including: toric (astigmatic), multifocal, hybrid (soft & rigid designs combined) and keratoconus lenses. No matter what type of lenses your visual needs require, Dr. Jankowski and Dr. Zaporski enjoy assisting their patients feel the comfort of a contact lens that fits.

Contact Lenses

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