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Latest Eyewear Trends for 2017

Today, people who need corrective lenses have more fashionable eyeglass choices than ever. Whether you are into bold or neutral colors, classic or unique textures, subtle or dramatic shapes, or something wildly extraordinary altogether, you’re sure to find a frame that matches your personality and lifestyle at Metro Eye this spring.

After we visited the Vision Expo in New York a couple of weeks ago, we wrote about the trends that we saw among the international frame styles showcased there. In this article, we will give an in-depth view of the major eyewear fashions that are going to be huge for 2017.

Retro-inspired Shapes

What used to be yesterday’s style is turning heads today, as retro-inspired frames are making a big comeback due to their timeless qualities. Aviators and teardrop-shaped frames with double barred-bridges continue to dominate the trend, for both optical frames and sunglasses. This is a look that harkens back to the 70’s and 80’s, with subtle style improvements being made and combined with new materials. Cat-eye frames, that produce a classic 50’s and 60’s dramatic look, are being streamlined and softened for modern tastes. Round shapes are still very big for 2017, with the trend complementing every gender and age group, and it’s no wonder considering how versatile they are. From a bold and chunky look to the thinnest wire-frames, rounds lend themselves extremely well to both optical glasses and sunglasses.


Color Trends in Eyewear

Tying in with the retro look, the revival of classic metallic gold made a big impact at Vision Expo. We also saw plenty of organic horn and tortoise tones, all represented with updated twists in color to make them exciting. The use of color continues to favor the bold for all genders, with vibrantly rich greens and blues of every shade making the most splash. Reds also maintain popularity with modern designers, and their warm color palettes range from very bright red to an earthy rust coloration. Neutral colors, such as grey and brown, continue to be featured throughout many major frame lines, either livened up with glossy coats or softened with matte finishes.

Texture and Detail Highlights

Mixed material frames, featuring both plastic and metal together, are a huge trend for 2017. With major technological improvements of the materials used, frame companies are utilizing an innovative combination of substances to produce some of the lightest and most durable frames ever. Architecturally-inspired accents, in the form of grooves and contours, give today’s eyewear an air of distinctive sophistication. Glowing transparency effects are also being fabricated using the latest in 3D printing, simultaneously creating truly unique textured patterns and achieving the pinnacle of modern frame manufacturing.

Lens Coloring and Tints

Colorful lens tints and vivid flash mirror effects continue to be another fashion option that adds stylish accent to eyewear. While protecting your eye health, by keeping out harmful UV rays, colored sunglass lenses are trending due to their visually striking array of hues. We are especially excited to introduce tinted lens enthusiasts to Hoya Vision’s new ‘Diamond Tint’ technology, which applies advanced chemical treatments to ensure that these lens tints will absolutely never fade. In addition, gradient tint effects and boldly reflective mirrors continue to maintain popularity, with a myriad of style possibilities ranging from soft and subdued to bright and dauntless.

Find What Works for You

“No matter the trends, what’s really important is to have a pair of frames that fit,” says Luanne Labonte, Director of Purchasing and Retail Development. “And that just isn’t the physical fit, it’s about matching what’s comfortable to you and your lifestyle.”

Although many consumers commonly look to online retailers, getting your eyeglasses fitted by a knowledgeable professional ensures not only that the frames will look great, but will fit properly and provide an ideal field of vision.

“A good frame should sit appropriately on the bridge of the nose, be comfortable on the temples and back of the ears, and align correctly on the brow line. You won’t know that if you’re simply browsing online for what looks cute,” added Luanne.

Your prescription also matters, as the thickness of your lenses may determine which frame best suits your prescription. Luckily, Metro Eye has hundreds of glasses for you to choose from, from classic styles to the latest trends. Come and visit us today, our friendly staff looks forward to helping you find spectacular eyewear that fits perfectly.