Why Do I Need Retinal Imaging?


Healthy retinas are essential to healthy vision! Since your visual acuity is of immense concern to our eye care team, ‘retinal imaging’ is an incredible tool that Metro Eye’s optometrists use to photograph and track subtle changes in the health of your retinas. Many early signs of developing retinal conditions can be detected and then promptly addressed with sight-saving care and treatment!

Our eye doctors advise all patients to have retinal imaging performed yearly, as this retinal assessment is an important facet of their mission to provide the most thorough comprehensive eye exam possible while adhering closely to all COVID-19 safety protocols.


In conjunction with your eye exam procedure, an optometric technician will photograph your retinas using a non-invasive diagnostic tool called the CLARUS 500 Ultra-Wide Fundus Camera. An Ultra-Wide Retinal Image allows your eye doctor to view a 200-degree stationary image of each of your retinas, which in the past could only be examined after a patient’s pupils were dilated.


Although retinal imaging is typically not a replacement for dilation, this technology helps to decrease the frequency in which dilation is required- which is invaluable in reducing contact during COVID-19 without compromising the thorough nature of your eye exam.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about retinal imaging before your next eye exam visit! The Metro Eye team is pleased to provide the safest methods of examining your ocular health during the current pandemic.

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