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Dr. Jankowski and her team are amazing. Hands down the best experience from an eye health and fashion standpoint. Also to anyone claiming they just care about $ and pressuring you into an expensive purchase, that’s not true from experience. I told the staff what I could afford and they helped me find an appropriate frame and lens combination to fit my situation. They also gave my husband a free pair of frames to hold him over while his new frames came in, they refused to let him leave with electrical tape on his frames. Don’t make assumptions because it’s a boutique in the 3rd ward, you need to communicate your budget upfront and they will find options for you.


Everyone who I encountered during my visit were absolute professionals. I have never had such a thorough (and comfortable) eye exam before in my life. All of their equipment is state-of-the-art, and everyone treated me with respect by listening to my concerns, and taking time to answer my questions. Top notch.


I was very skeptical about the visit because I dislike the ophthalmologist more than the dentist. But, to my surprise, I LOVED Metro Eye. They took excellent care of me and made me the most comfortable I’d ever been in an appointment with the eye Dr. The selection of eyewear was far superior to that of a chain store/optometrist. I will be back and I will be referring my friends and family.

James Henry

This was the best eye exam I ever experienced. Explained well in detail and the doctor had a personal and professional manner. Dedee stayed late to make sure my glasses were complete with all the details and order completed.

Andrew Webb

I have never received better care at any eye doctor I have ever been to. Everyone was efficient and thorough. Also, the patient education was top notch and I left feeling so much better!

Alisha Anschutz

I’ve been to quite a few different places and Metro Eye has by far been the best experience in terms of care, as well as me as the patient feeling like I actually know what is going on and what my options are.

Nicholas Margrett

Metro Eye offers one-of-a-kind designer frames that a lot of other places in the area do not carry. I like the fact that most of, if not all, the frames come from designers that SPECIALIZE just in eyewear; so we are not talking about frames with the name of a famous/popular clothing designer stamped on them. This results in a high quality collection offered by Metro Eye.

Antoine McDuffie

I appreciate how efficient and orderly appointments are. I almost never wait more than a few minutes for anything. Everyone I interact with at Metro Eye is pleasant and helpful, and I trust the advice and suggestions I am offered because everyone is well informed and prepared.

Elaine Disbro

While visiting Milwaukee my wife fell and broke her glasses. I found Metro Eye on the internet. What a wonderful experience not only did they fix the glasses on the spot they gave me a case for the glasses all at no charge. I would like to thank everyone at your facility for your help and kindness. I would recommend Metro Eye to anyone.

David Borts

Staff was kind, patient, thorough; everything I was NOT getting at my last optometrist. You get what you pay for and while they may not offer $30 frames, they are very conscious of cost and are willing to help where they can! Plus, the quality of service and the products are exemplary. A million stars to the Metro Eye Team!

Samantha Werner