Why You Should Skip the Drugstore Readers

custom reading glasses

custom reading glasses

Death, taxes… and bad vision

Poor vision is an unavoidable part of growing older. Usually around the age of 40, people begin to notice changes in their vision and struggle to read or focus on things up close.

That’s no problem – just go pick up a pair of reading glasses from the drug store and you’re all set, right? Not exactly…

There are some advantages to the prefabricated reading glasses you typically find at the drugstore. They are cheap so you can stock up to have pairs for different situations. For example, you could have one in your car, briefcase, or at the office. Drugstore reading glasses also come in various different styles and colors, letting you have some fun with your fashion. Cheap readers are usually compact and some have foldable frames making them great for on the go.

However, that’s where the advantages stop. Cheap reading glasses might be the right choice when in a pinch or on the go, but they are not the best vision solution.

Cheap reading glasses are one-size-fits-all, so they are not guaranteed to fit you properly. The prescription is often the same for both lenses and the focus center of the lenses is not customized for your eyes. Not having lenses that fit your focus center could give you headaches, eyestrain, and even make you feel dizzy.

When should I invest in custom reading glasses?

If you have a job that requires you to read or focus on close objects, a custom pair of readers would be your best bet. Your local optometrist/optical shop will be able custom fit a pair of readers for you, just like for any other type of prescription glasses. You won’t have to constantly adjust your glasses throughout the day or worry about headaches and eyestrain.

Bonus tip
Are you having trouble seeing the computer at work? You might also want to consider computer glasses that are designed to help you see clearly at that distance.

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