What is Pink Eye Anyway?

what is pink eye

what is pink eye

“Pink Eye” is the term most folks use to refer to one of the most common eye problems – conjunctivitis. While children are the most likely to get Pink Eye, it can affect anyone. There are three main sources of Pink Eye with each one requiring a different treatment strategy from your Optometrist.

Three Types of Pink Eye

Pink eye is an inflammation of the surface of your eye and inside your eyelids, which usually has three main causes.

Viral conjunctivitis – This version is caused by a virus and usually clears up within a week, without the need for medication. This version is what Optometrists often refer to as Pink Eye because it’s highly contagious – making it dangerous to return to school or work.

Bacterial conjunctivitis – this version is caused by, you guessed it… bacteria. Bacteria infection of the eye can become serious and damage the eye if left untreated. That’s why it’s important to see your Optometrist if you think you have Pink Eye because she can determine the cause of your Pink Eye. This type is usually treated with prescription eye drops.

Allergic conjunctivitis – When allergies get bad, it can turn into conjunctivitis. Irritants like pollen, animal dander, and dust and the usual suspects. Allergic conjunctivitis usually happens at the peak of allergy season when pollen counts are very high. This type is usually treated with allergy medication and eye drop to reduce the symptoms.

While Pink Eye and conjunctivitis can be remedy easily with the help of an Optometrist, they can lead to complications and other serious eye problems if left untreated. The Optometrists at Metro Eye also specialize in treating all types of eye conditions – so next time you are dealing with pink eye, make sure to skip the wait at urgent care and call your eye doctor.

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