New Non-prescription Eye Drop Safely Removes Redness

Freshly stocked on the shelves of your local pharmacy this month, and available without a prescription for the first time, Bausch + Lomb’s new Lumify eye drops are a triumph over previous formulas designed to remove eye redness and irritation. Containing the active ingredient brimonidine, previously available only with a prescription, Lumify offers fast and effective relief without the negative side effects caused by other over-the-counter drops which “get the red out.”

Metro Eye’s eyecare specialists, Dr. Amy Jankowski, Dr. Kaelyn Zaporski and Dr. Amanda Kopczyk, have prescribed this treatment to ocular irritation and redness sufferers for years and are elated to learn that this safe and effectual solution is now widely available to consumers.

While other commonly available eye drops may remove redness, due to the active ingredient tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride, they do so by constricting the blood vessels in the eye. This may cause negative side effects including: pupil dilation, blurry vision and elevated eye pressure.  Also, frequent use of these treatments may result in users developing a tolerance, loss of effectiveness, and experiencing rebound redness when use is discontinued. Lumify is an immensely exciting new option for eye redness sufferers, as it increases the availability of oxygen to surrounding ocular tissue therefore substantially reducing the risk of these symptoms!

“We are proud to offer this unique new OTC eye drop to help our physicians and their patients with a new, effective treatment for red, irritated eyes,” said Joseph Gordon, president, Consumer Healthcare and Vision Care, Bausch + Lomb. “LUMIFY is an important addition to the diverse Bausch + Lomb portfolio of eye health products, and demonstrates our continued commitment to introducing new innovative products that meet the evolving needs of eye care professionals and the patients they treat.”

Although ocular redness may seem like a harmless symptom, it can potentially indicate a serious eye condition. It is always best to consult an eyecare professional to thoroughly assess the cause of, and determine the ideal treatment for, your eye health concerns. If you experience symptoms including eye redness, burning, irritation and/or discharge, please contact our office immediately at (414)727-5888!