New Fee Structure – Metro Eye

Changes to Metro Eye’s fee structure

Effective 01/01/2024

What’s New in the Billing? Starting in 2024, the receipt for your Metro Eye Vision Exam will be itemized into two-line items.  The cost of the vision exam will be $189 for existing patients or $209 for new patients.  This line item can be submitted to insurance.  Additionally, each exam will include a second line item, the ‘Exam Testing Package’, priced at $59. This package is essential for a thorough evaluation of your visual system and ocular disease screening but is not covered by insurance.

Why the Change? This restructuring is essential to reflect the true value of a Metro Eye Vision Exam, which includes both a vision exam (typically covered by insurance) and additional diagnostic tests (typically not covered by insurance) which our doctors deem necessary to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your visual system and screen for ocular disease.

Our Commitment to You This decision comes after careful consideration and a steadfast commitment to your ocular health. We are dedicated to investing in the latest technology and education to enhance the quality of your care. We believe this approach is preferable to reducing the level of care or stopping insurance acceptance.

Need More Information? We understand you might have questions. Please visit our Vision Exam FAQ’s  for more details. For any further queries or concerns, feel free to reach out to Michelle Vermeulen, our Director of Human Resources and Operations, at [email protected]. She will ensure your questions are addressed promptly.