Happy Eyes on Halloween

Halloween decorations and costumes can certainly be creepy, but true terror lurks within the potential eye issues that can attack our vision well after the spooky festivities end. Planning to incorporate makeup, facial prosthetics or specialty contact lenses into your costume this year? Learn more about using these fun effects safely, and protect yourself and your family from ocular peril!

Makeup & Prosthetics

Although the makeup varieties available today are far less toxic than back in the Renaissance period, we still need to be mindful of harmful ingredients. Skin adhesives and latex, used to adhere facial prosthetics, can spark allergic reactions and should always be used with immense care. Also, old or shared eye cosmetics can introduce a great risk of infection, and applicator devices can add the risk of scratching an eye as you assemble your festive look.

Safety Tips

  • Wash your hands before applying makeup
  • Ensure makeup ingredients are safe (https://www.ewg.org/skindeep)
  • Never share makeup or use public samples
  • Dispose of old makeup every 3 months
  • Discontinue use immediately if irritation occurs
  • Avoid applying latex, skin adhesives or glitter near your eyes!

Costume Contact Lenses

Halloween stores and costume websites are plentiful throughout the month of October, and many of them sell cosmetic contact lenses to dramatically alter the appearance of your eyes. These unregulated (and illegal) lenses usher in a massive number of eye health hazards, ranging from infection to vision loss, and should be strictly avoided! Ask your eye doctor about safe costume contact lens options for you, as most eye care practitioners can fit and special order a broad range of interesting products.

Safety Tips

  • Only wear contact lenses prescribed from an eye doctor
  • Wash your hands before inserting contact lenses
  • Rewet only with proper solution, as recommended by your doctor
  • Never share contact lenses (even non-rx)
  • Follow the disposal schedule provided by your doctor

As the time is upon us to each craft a clever disguise and step out of character for a day, please be mindful to select the proper materials and techniques that protect your precious eyes. Halloween gives us the opportunity to happily frolic among the fake ghouls and goblins, but be sure to keep your eyes happy and free from real monsters like corneal irritation, infection and permanent vision loss.