As you get ready to wave goodbye to 2020, say hello to clear and healthy vision!

December can certainly be a very busy month, but don’t let your valuable insurance benefits and flex dollars go to waste on January 1st!

Unsure about your current insurance plan’s vision coverage?

Metro Eye’s expert team is happy to help you maximize all of your in-network vision benefits by analyzing and interpreting the terms and allowances set by your insurance provider.

Also, flexible spending and health savings account funds are applicable to numerous eye care products and services available at Metro Eye!

You may be entitled to:

Has your family been examined by an optometrist this year, to verify robust eye health and sharpest visual acuity?

Have you noticed any vision changes, or recently experienced eye fatigue, strain or headaches?

Are you ready for a new frame style and are due for a fashionable update from an exquisite international frame collection?

Is it time to switch from glasses to contacts, or vice versa?

Metro Eye’s exceptional eye care team is available to satisfy all of your current visual demands and looks forward to helping you wave goodbye to 2020 with clear and healthy vision!

Don’t let your insurance benefits disappear with the new year!

Schedule an appointment online, give us a call at (414)727-5888 or stop by 325 E. Chicago St. today!