Glasses STILL Fogging? Simple Tips That Work!

It’s been a year since COVID-19 hit the Midwest. Although vaccination numbers are up and reported local cases are declining, we’re still hanging in there and wearing our masks until the CDC says otherwise.

It’s much easier to hang in there when you don’t have blurry vision due to FOGGING GLASSES from your mask!

Why Are My Glasses Fogging When I Wear a Mask?

When you exhale with a mask on, your warm breath rises up to escape through any area that isn’t sealed securely. This causes condensation on your eyeglass lenses…and an annoying foggy view.

Prevent Fogging Glasses with These Simple Tips-

Although there are many rumored solutions floating around the internet, we recommend these simple and easy ways to prevent mask-fog without investing in special devices or potentially harming your lenses:

Snug Fit-
Masks with a metal nose bridge and adjustable straps fit securely across the top of your nose and cheek area. This prevents your warm breath from reaching your eye area!

Raised Fit-
To achieve a tighter seal along the top edge of your mask, shift it higher on your nose and rest the bridge of your glasses on the mask to hold it in place.

Using medical or athletic tape along the inner top edge of your mask, gently adhere it to your bridge and cheekbone area creating an airtight barrier.

When the above methods are unavailable (or your glasses are STILL fogging) fold a facial tissue into a narrow strip and place underneath the top edge of your mask, along the bridge and cheekbone area. This will absorb some of your warm breath, preventing it from reaching your lenses.

Contact Lenses-
Done with glasses altogether? Contact lenses can be a great alternative, with no potential for fogging from your mask or PPE! Call us or schedule an appointment to learn whether contact lenses are right for you.