Why Getting Your Glasses Fitted Professionally is Important

As we continue to purchase many consumer products through the Internet, we have become accustomed to the convenience of making purchases at the push of a button while finding the lowest possible price. However, that immediacy and bargain is not a worthy substitute for the value of getting your glasses properly fitted by a professional optician. At Metro Eye, we take your vision very seriously and we love to help customers find frames that not only fit well and look good, but also provide you with the clearest vision possible.

Finding the Right Fit

Every human head is unique, each face has different measurements and no other eyes on earth are exactly like yours. Metro Eye’s professional opticians start with your prescription first and then consider what frames would best accommodate it. Some prescriptions might influence the thickness, weight or other characteristics of the frame, which should be factored in from the beginning of the fitting process. Opticians may also consider what purpose the glasses are intended for, what type of occupation and lifestyle you have, and whether you have any medical issues.

Since eyeglass frames fit certain face shapes differently, it is important to observe how a frame rests on your unique facial features. For example, if the bridge area does not fit properly on your nose then the glasses will slide down, affecting not only how they look and feel but also how you see. Also, if glasses are too narrow and tight, then they may put pressure on your face while restricting your peripheral vision.

Part of the process of being fitted by an optician includes getting horizontal and vertical lens alignment calibrations correctly, which ensures that your eyes will be looking through the optical center of the lens precisely for clear and comfortable vision. Only a trained optician, equipped with the proper tools, can take these measurements accurately. It is very important that lens parameters are made to the exact millimeter, so do not believe websites that claim these measurements can be done at home or online! Wearing lenses with incorrect alignment specifications will commonly cause issues such as visual discomfort, blurriness, eye strain, “pulling sensation” and headaches.

Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

For first-time eyeglass wearers, it is especially essential for you to be guided through the entire health screening process by an optometrist with a full comprehensive eye examination. Having an eye test can help identify numerous serious health issues such as glaucoma, high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes. Everyone should have their eyes tested once a year, with more frequent visits recommended for people who have been diagnosed with certain health disorders.

While shopping on the web can be great for many things, your eyeglasses should not be among them. Nothing compares to the full service experience of having Metro Eye’s entire team ensuring that your glasses will be the right fit for both your face and your eyes, while making sure that you remain healthy for years to come.

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