Get the First Look with Lafont

The house of Lafont has been a pillar of French eyewear since its inception in 1923. With their label of Guaranteed French Origin, Lafont authenticates that all their products are 100% manufactured in France. Their long experience in the eyewear industry allows them the skill and technical know-how to create delightful and high-quality frames.

Their innovative techniques and designs and colors delight their wearers – providing an effortless chic style. Lafont eyewear collections all have a common thread – subtly rebellious, discreetly avant-garde frames with touch of refinement. With over 200 color combinations and a selection of unique mix-and-match materials, each frame is full of surprises!

Lafont is a family affair – created in Paris in 1923 by Louis Lafont, who set up a small boutique selling hearing aids and spectacles. His art-deco spirit set the standard for his family – who kept on his legacy by creating the brand Lafont. Philippe, Louis’ grandson and his wife, Laurence transformed spectacles into a bona fide fashion statement with their Parisian style and collaborated with some of the most iconic names in French fashion. Their passion carries on in their two sons, Matthieu and Thomas, the latter is the chief creative director.

Lafont’s dedication to quality and style are evident. The manufacturing process for one frame can take 8-14 weeks, as it passes through many hands and departments to ensure the highest quality.

Thomas Lafont’s idea of a great pair of glasses is this: “Style and comfort in everyday use. A pair of glasses is not just an accessory; it provides the first hint of an individual’s personality. The wearer must enjoy a frame and feel that it is completely consistent with his or her look and mindset. A great pair of glasses, with all its detail and complexity must above all be an extension of the individual.”

Our Dedee has said that Lafont designed some of her favorite frames to-date. We are excited to take a look behind the scenes at Vision Expo to show some of her process to pick the perfect frames for Metro Eye!