Find Your Perfect New Style on 12/5!

Metro Eye is excited to announce a one-day Trunk Show event on Wednesday, December 5th from 9am-5:30pm.

A frame specialist from Studio Optyx will be showcasing some of Metro Eye’s newest eyewear collections at this exclusive event. Join us and select your new look for the new year from the latest frame styles by NW77th, Eclipse and Erkers 1879!


Offering eyewear for those who want to be different but still maintain the professional look, and working tirelessly to ensure superb quality of all of its products, NW77th is a brand that is truly accessible to all eyewear enthusiasts.

View the collection at:


Unique, precious and a state-of-the-art product, the Eclipse frame collection is 100% made in Italy and designed for the modern, refined and elegant wearer. Color palettes are curated to enhance the shape and distinctive massing of the sophisticated design of the glasses, resulting in style that is at no time ordinary.

View the collection at:


The timeless styles and exceptional quality of the Erkers 1879 collection reflects 140 years and 5 generations of passion and dedication to finely crafted eyewear. This is a family company that looks into the past to build the future of designer frames.

View the collection at:

Come in to maximize your end of year benefits, as our frame showroom selection features price points to fit any budget!


Schedule an appointment with one of expert optometrists, and update your prescription on the same day of the event! Spots fill up quickly, so call (414) 727-5888, or book online today!