Eye Misalignment- Do You Suffer Unknowingly?


Do your eyes work well together? How would you know if they didn’t? When your eyes are not in sync, the brain must compensate for the misalignment. This additional work stresses the trigeminal nerve, which is the nerve in your brain responsible for most head and neck sensations.

Symptoms of this strain may go unaddressed, or may be falsely attributed to other issues, as your eyes could be working quite well independently yet not working well together.


  • Headaches– Weekly headaches of any severity (even a dull ache counts) that worsen later in the day and occur more frequently on workdays
  • Neck/Shoulders Stiffness or Pain– Frequent soreness or stiffness when reading or working at the computer, potentially requiring routine massages or chiropractic adjustments
  • Computer Use Discomfort– Tired, burning or red eyes after long hours at the computer, possibly decreasing your productivity in the afternoon
  • Tired Eyes– Fatigued eyes at the end of the workday, generally feeling better each morning
  • Dry Eye Sensation– Eyes feeling progressively dry, sandy or gritty as the day goes on, contact lenses tend to dry out throughout the workday
  • Light Sensitivity– Night driving difficulty because of headlight glare, fluorescent lights are bothersome
  • Dizziness– Motion sickness often occurs when riding in a car, the sensation of disconnectedness or vertigo happens regularly


Eye misalignment is not commonly tested for as a part of a “typical” comprehensive eye exam, yet it commonly causes the problematic symptoms above.

Metro Eye has integrated an advanced testing system into every patient’s exam procedure, to ensure that patients suffering from eye misalignment can be promptly treated and experience relief.

  • Symptom Report– Completed briefly at check-in, our lifestyle questionnaire gives you an opportunity to report any symptoms of misalignment and rate the severity of each.
  • Electronic Measurement– Based on your responses, our optometric technicians administer a sophisticated electronic test to measure the presence and/or severity of eye misalignment.
  • Conclusion– Our optometrist reviews all of the aforementioned data and proceeds with a thorough assessment of your vision, eye alignment evaluation and fine-tuning of your prescription, including a customized corrective prism design if needed.


Metro Eye’s innovative eye care team uses state-of-the-art eye evaluation equipment and has access to an immense array of corrective lens treatments. A customized contour prism lens design may be prescribed for those who suffer from eye misalignment, to actually guide your eyes back into alignment and relieve the troublesome symptoms caused by trigeminal nerve strain.

Utilizing newest scientific findings and cutting edge technologies, your optometrist at Metro Eye will thoroughly assess your complete optical health and prescribe solutions specifically for your unique eyes. Schedule an appointment today!