Clear New Horizons

Our world and visual demands have dramatically changed this year and we need the clearest possible view of the uncertain road ahead. While we rise to new challenges and adapt to new circumstances, our eyes are working for us differently than ever before….requiring a redesigned scope.

You do not have to face your new visual demands alone!

At your eye exam, our innovative optometrists will learn about your current lifestyle to create a prescription for glasses or contacts that enhances your comfort and safety throughout:

  • Working from home
  • Caring for loved ones
  • Wearing masks & PPE
  • Video meetings
  • New work conditions
  • Online shopping
  • Cleaning procedures
  • Virtual education

This could be an ideal time to: switch to (or from) wearing contact lenses, consider protective safety goggles, anti-fog or blue light filtering lenses. Also, your eyes may appreciate transitioning to multi-focal vision correction or addressing early signs of dry eye disease due to extended computer use.

However you use your eyes, and no matter what’s waiting for you on the road ahead, Metro Eye’s expert eye care team can fully accommodate your new visual demands and steer you towards clear new horizons!

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