Back to School- Adapting to Learn + Learning to Adapt

back to school

‘Back to School’ used to be quite a literal phrase, however this fall in the US its scope of meaning is very broad. Teachers, school support staff, students and their families are attempting to adapt to the unusual school year ahead- whether it be virtual, in-person, limited….or a combination of the three.

Safety & Success are definitely on everyone’s minds, so we have composed a list of helpful Eye Care Tips to assist- no matter what side of the desk (or screen) you are on this semester!

Minimize Computer Glare-
Long hours of screen time were somewhat normal before the pandemic, to potentially increase further as many Milwaukee schools are starting the new year with virtual classes only. Teachers and students need to be careful, as long exposure to digital devices can lead to numerous issues including: eye strain, dry eye, headaches, vision problems, mood disorders and disruption of healthy sleep patterns.

  • Take breaks! Every 20 minutes, look about 20 feet away for 20 seconds.(Remember the “20-20-20” Rule)
  • Filter blue light! Ask your optician about blue light filter options for your eyeglass lenses, available with or without prescription! Also, check your digital devices for blue light reduction settings and/or available screen overlay filters.

Shield Virus Exposure-
Whether you are in front of a classroom of students, sanitizing classrooms in between lessons or an attending student with concerns, there are additional protection options to supplement your institution’s arrangements and mandated face-covering mask.

  • Face shields! Contact Milwaukee Makerspace to request complementary face shields, locally 3D printed for community safety! Visit:
  • Safety goggles! Ask our opticians about various designs and protective options, available with or without prescription.

Enhance Visual Acuity-
Be sure to keep up with your family’s eye exams this year, so your optometrist can customize an eye care plan and prescribe the ideal lenses to satisfy the changing visual demands of your household.

  • Sharp distance vision! Not only do students need clear distance vision to learn properly, but teachers and support staff need it to maintain precision and responsiveness.
  • Sharp near vision! Between reading, writing, drawing, typing and video interactions, healthy near vision is vital to the success of our teachers and students.


Difficult Times can certainly create stress, yet they also tend to illuminate our priorities and resources. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to reevaluate our goals, while revealing the importance of the fundamental assets that support us, our families and the valuable community network that we all thrive within.