Samantha Filipiak- Optometric Technician- Metro Eye
Closed: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and January 2nd.

Samantha Filipiak

Optometric Technician

Samantha Filipiak sprouted her passion for patient care through a position at an optometry practice located in her home town, in western Arizona. After originally starting as a front desk associate there, a fervent interest in eye care training emerged when an optometric technician position became available and her ideal career path became illuminated.

Samantha shines amidst our outstanding technician team as they collaborate to accommodate the visual demands of Metro Eye’s patients, and she is especially enthralled by the non-invasive retinal viewing capacities beheld through our CLARUS 500 Ultra-Wide Fundus Camera. While ardently pursuing new eye care technologies and inventive approaches to patient care, she is eminently devoted to learning as much as possible about the interesting lifestyles and vision care needs of each unique person in the exam chair.