Steve Burek - Metro Eye Innovative Expert Optician
steve burek


Steve Burek entered the optical industry in 1984, when an opportunity arose to work as an optical lab technician and learn the intriguing science of vision correction. After delving extensively into the technical facets of visual acuity and frame structure, he thoroughly refined his scientific understanding of optics and earned certification from the American Board of Opticianry in 2003. Stimulated by the tactile challenge of sculpting and repairing ill-fitting frames, Steve became an optician in 2004 and has since explored innovative ways to achieve the ideal eyewear fit for his growing clientele.

The frame lines that particularly captivate him are theo, which intricately constructs eyewear while utilizing unconventional shapes, and Lindberg, which employs a minimalist philosophy in relation to both aesthetics and material volume.

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