5 Signs It Might Be Time for New Glasses

Glasses are a small way to make a big impact on your appearance, so getting a new pair can be very exciting!

Your glasses can provide you with a different look, projecting your personality like no other fashion accessory. Getting a new pair can be exciting yet scary, especially if you’re not sure if you need a new pair. Let Metro Eye help you find a new pair that will not only make your look great but make you see better!

Here are 5 signs that you’re due for new glasses:

1. Your glasses don’t match your style! If your glasses haven’t changed since your days as a student in school and you’re now a modern day business professional, it’s probably time for a fresh new pair.

2. Your glasses are so hideous and embarrassing, that you’d rather be blind than be seen in public wearing them. You don’t need to suffer not being able to see well just because you can’t stand your glasses!

3. Your glasses are bent up and faded; the metal is bent out of shape, and then bent again after a failed attempt to get it back into shape; or the plastic is faded from all the years in the sun, water, and heat.

4. Your current glasses are broken. Paperclips, glue, and tape may hold your glasses together if you’re in a pinch, but they’re definitely not a permanent fix. It’s time to let go.

5. If things look the same with or without your glasses or your lenses are scratched and damaged, it may be time for a new pair.

Glasses are not only a financial investment but also a personal commitment. If you’re not ready to make that leap and your frame is in good condition, there’s a chance your lenses can just be replaced. In addition to updating your lenses, think about expanding your eyewear wardrobe. If glasses are a part of your everyday life, you should own more than one pair.

Did any of those signs sound familiar? If YES, then it’s time for an update! Give Metro Eye a call for details.  414-727-5888