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Why Getting Your Glasses Fitted Professionally is Important

As everybody continues to buy more and more products over the Internet, we’ve become accustomed to how easy it is to make purchases at the push of a button while finding the lowest possible price. However, that convenience and bargain doesn’t make up for the value of getting your glasses properly fitted by a professional optician. At Metro Eye, we take your vision very seriously and we love to help customers find frames that not only look good, but work well for your eyes.

Finding the Right Fit

All of us are unique, with different faces that have different measurements. Part of the process of getting fitted includes getting those measurements calibrated correctly so that your eyes won’t feel uncomfortable. If you have the wrong measurements, you can suffer from issues with your vision not being at its best, including symptoms such as eye strain and headaches.

Metro Eye’s professional opticians start with your prescription first and considers what frames would best accommodate it. This is due to the fact some prescriptions might influence the thickness, weight or other characteristics of the frame you end up with. Opticians may also consider what purpose the glasses are intended for, what lifestyle you have, any medical issues with your eyes you experience, and what lens coatings might be appropriate.

Since frames may fit people’s faces differently, it’s important to see how it rests on your nose. If the bridge on the glasses is too loose, your glasses will slip down, affecting not only how they look but how you see. Sometimes glasses are too narrow and may put pressure on your face. Nothing compares to an optician being able to determine immediately what glasses will work and which ones won’t. Nothing can replace the experience of actually trying on frames in our store to make sure they will work for your face.

Making sure you have the right glasses is about making intricate measurements by a trained professional with the right tools. When you get your prescription from the optometrist, they include a pupillary distance, or PD, which is the distance between the centers of each pupil. This measurement ensures the center of the lens aligns to the center of the pupil. It’s important these measurements are made to the exact millimeter. Don’t believe websites that claim these measurements can be done at home or online. Only a trained optician can make sure your PD works for your frames.

Different types of lenses lead to other challenges to being fitted correctly. Progressive lens need to have exact measurements so that when the wearer has them on, they are able to see clearly through certain portions of the lenses. If worn incorrectly, your eyes will adjust to the lenses incorrectly.

Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

For first-time wearers of glasses, it’s especially essential you are guided through the entire process with an eye health screening and an eye test by an optometrist. Having an eye test can help identify any serious health issues with your eyes such as glaucoma, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Most people should have their eyes tested every two years, with more frequent visits for people diagnosed with glaucoma and macular degeneration.

While shopping on the web is great for many things, your eyeglasses shouldn’t be among them. There’s nothing like the full service experience of having Metro Eye’s entire team making sure your glasses are going to be the right fit for your face and your eyes, while making sure your eyes are healthy.

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