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Blake Kuwahara is Now at Metro Eye

Blake Kuwahara

Metro Eye is excited to feature an exciting new designer within our collection of forward-thinking eyewear. Award-winning designer Blake Kuwahara first gained international acclaim in the early ’90s as the creator and designer of the exclusive KATA Eyewear brand. His distinctive designs have been featured for various other collections by brands such as Coach, Lucky Brand, Converse and designers such as Isaac Mizrahi, Carolina Herrera, and John Varvatos.

Launching his eponymous line in 2014, his designs produce eyewear that are as artistic as they are wearable. A sampling of celebrities who have been seen wearing his designs over the years include Brad Pitt, Elton John, Robert Downey, Jr., Will Smith, Kate Hudson, Halle Berry, Samuel L. Jackson, and Charlize Theron, among many others.

Blake Kuwahara uses an exclusive proprietary technology, creating an arduous process and an amazing feat of engineering. Two acetate frames are milled separately before the two are seamlessly laminated together as one piece, a process that takes six months. The two frames  combined as one produce a “frame within a frame” look that juxtaposes contrasting forms and colors. This striking and unique look is complimented by eyewear that also feels comfortable on your face. Every frame is handcrafted in Japan, going through a complex series of sculpting and polishing to give the outer contours nuance and dimension. Every detail is considered, including end pieces and fronts that are mitered at a 45 degree angle so that the seam is carefully hidden at the corner.

Kuwahara offers a unique perspective with his eyewear due to his background as an optometrist, receiving his doctorate from UC Berkeley. “It’s not just how it looks, but how it feels in the hand.” says Kuwahara. His designs reflect the things in the world that inspire him, such as art, architecture, fashion, culture, and nature. “My life and influences can often be captured in a snapshot. The output is a distillation and highly curated collection of eyewear that hopefully reflects a soulful, tactile, and artisanal sensibility.”

Metro Eye has the latest eyewear from Blake Kuwahara in stock now and is the only location in Milwaukee to offer these amazing works of art and engineering. We welcome everyone to visit us in Milwaukee’s Third Ward neighborhood to try on all the different styles for both optical and sunglass eyewear.