Metro Eye Optical Stylists - Lisa Ritter
Lisa Ritter

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Lisa Pilarski

Lisa discovered her vocation as an optician in 2008, when the opportunity arose to fuse together her lifelong artistic enchantment with the intriguing science of optical devices. Captivated by the infinite variations of human facial features and driven by the dynamic design elements of eyewear, she finds inspiration while exploring innovative ways to integrate corrective lenses with an artful frame to accent the character and semblance of each client that she assists. Delving extensively into the technical facets of visual acuity and frame structure, Lisa thoroughly refined her scientific understanding of optics to earn certification from the American Board of Opticianry in 2012, and is composing plans for experimentation with multimedia eyewear fabrication in her art studio.

The frame style that she holds an exceptional fondness for is named ‘Arcade’ by Anne Et Valentin, crafted with an unconventional hexagon shape and accented by a fiery yellow speckled effect, which satisfies her quirky propensity as well as her continual craving for warm highlights.