From the Drs. Desk…

Hello everyone!

Spring is in full swing! The Milwaukee Brewers are playing at Miller Park, families are spending their time shuffling from one soccer practice to the next, and the kids are more active then ever. With all of these activities comes the risk of eye injury.

The American Optometric Association   has named May “Healthy Vision Month”. An essential part in maintaining healthy vision is to properly protect your eyes while engaging in sporting activities.

Accidents and injuries are bound to happen, however 90% of sports related injuries are preventable by protecting your eyes with the proper eyewear protection. The AOA notes that statistics show that 40,000 eye injuries occur in the United States during sports or other recreational activities.

At your next eyecare exam, be sure to take a moment to discuss your recreational activities with your Optometrist. The American Society for Testing and Materials has a list of standards for eyewear for every sport, and your eyecare provider can help you choose the proper protective eyewear that meets the ASTM specification standards .

There are other advantages to discussing your recreational activities with your provider. By letting your eye doctor know that you golf or play tennis, they can recommend eyeglasses or contacts that can help increase your visual skills specific to your sport. Being able to see objects such as a ball whizzing past you is very important. Read more about important vision skills for sports and how your Optometrist can help maximize your visual acuity.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend and remember to protect your eyes with the proper UV sunwear while you are enjoying all of the fun activities going on in Milwaukee.

See you soon,

Dr. Amy