Metro Eye Patients Stand To Save With Patch – Metro Eye

Metro Eye Patients Stand To Save With Patch

Metro Eye is very excited to announce our partnership with Patch, a new online insurance claim submission service!

Patch allows us to locate existing benefits for patients who have a routine vision insurance plan through one of the following out-of-network providers: Davis Vision & United Health Care Vision/Spectera. Patients need to have an active vision insurance plan through one of these providers in order for us to access and bill Patch towards their benefits.

Although we are still out-of-network and CANNOT bill these particular insurance providers for our patient’s full vision benefits, Metro Eye CAN now:

  1. Give these patients a 20% courtesy discount on services and glasses (not contacts)
  2. Locate their out-of-network routine vision insurance plan
  3. Obtain a list of *estimated* product/service out-of-network reimbursements
  4. Submit a claim to Patch for products/services from Metro Eye for the patient

Patch reimburses our patients directly for whatever their insurance provider allows through their “out-of-network” benefits. With this new service addition, Metro Eye simply gives these patients a 20% discount right on the spot, and then they may possibly receive a reimbursement check directly from Patch afterwards, based on their insurance plan benefits. Patients do not need to take any actions other than accepting the 20% discount and cashing the reimbursement check when it arrives in their mailbox!

Qualifying patients do not need to sign up or register with Patch at any time, and Metro Eye takes care of the insurance claim submissions for them!

If you have any questions about Patch and if it can apply to you, or regarding which insurance providers we are in network with, please let us know by contacting us. We look forward to helping our patients save towards their eye care and eyewear expenses!